Safe-T-Op: 1-of-A-Kind Mercury-Safe Dental & Surgical Clean Suite

(-) Ions and (+) Energy At Work

Building around the concept negative ions and positive energy at work,  Dr. Fazio personally designed and built the one-of-a-kind dental clean suite that he calls the “Safe-T-Op.”  This “positive-pressure” dental and surgical “clean room” was constructed to insure that the ambient environment would be the safest, most comfortable space to undergo dental treatment of any kind.

The Safe-T-Op is loaded with innovations and helpful technology to protect both patient and staff, including

  • ICU-grade glass door to seal off the treatment room from the rest of the office
  • Dedicated fresh air intakes to provide positive pressure
  • Industrial-grade 16” exhaust fan to provide direct venting to exterior
  • Tact-Air model 10-8 Mercury vapor Ionizer to remove airborne vapors 
  • Dent-Air Vac extra-oral vacuum to help suction vapors and particulates created during drilling
  • Dedicated clean air to breathe during dental treatment via nasal hood
  • Comfortable, state-of-the-art dental chair with heat and massage functions
  • Non-mercury-containing lighting fixtures, dimmable for comfort
  • Multi-media monitor for viewing instructional videos, t.v., movies or intra-oral photos
  • Low VOC paint
  • No carpeting to harbor toxins

The Safe-T-Op is without equal in its ability to provide a safe and comfortable place for toxic dental materials removal. There is no other place like it in New York, and possibly the entire East Coast !