Mercury-Safe Checklist

Consider the following safety suggestions when looking for a Mercury-Safe experience.


  • Head / Neck / Eyes coverings
  • Airway Protection with Alternate Air Source via Nasal Hood
  • Body / Clothing coverings
  • Inside-the-mouth isolation. Consider Latex-free Nitrile Dam and Pre-operative Activated Charcoal Rinse
  • Dedicated Hi-volume suction tubes for removing by-products of drilling ( i.e. “Clean-Up” Tips)


Doctor/ Staff

  • Disposable Full-Body Tyvek “bunny” Suit or other protective barrier outerwear
  • Appropriate Respirator Mask or Activated Charcoal Mask
  • Protective Eye / Face Coverings
  • Nitrile Disposable Exam Gloves

Office/ Treatment Room

  • Extra-Oral (outside the mouth) vacuum for catching overspray ( i.e. Dent-Air Vac ).  Hint: It looks like an Elephant’s trunk made of flexible plastic tube approximately 3-4 inches in diameter
  • Mercury-vapor Ionizer to remove airborne vapors not captured by suction devices ( i.e. Tact-Air model 10-8 negative Ion Generator)
  • Fresh Air Source like an open window for sufficient ventilation
  • Counter-top fan located behind dental personnel blowing toward patient feet